The pursuit of life, aesthetics and expression in beautiful craft is our interpretation of the essence of taste when creating unique modern furniture.


Lili Natural Designs offers a wide selection of premium quality rattan furnishings to complement your home, patio or garden. The unique design of our products creates an elegant sense of style and leaves a lasting impression on those who rest upon them. Our signature hanging chairs can be tastefully mixed and matched with your existing furniture and room theme…. perhaps a chic expression by partnering it with contrasting colors for a very bold look or by blending it with neutral palates for an elegant style.  


The stunning craftsmanship of the Lili Natural Designs rattan products may inspire the feeling of having a “cozy oasis” of tranquility and comfort. Whether you are the artist contemplating your next creation, someone seeking some serenity or just wanting to share a moment with someone you love, there is a hanging chair for you.


Choose a Lili Natural Designs product as a beautiful accent to your home.